College of science held the 2022 graduate employment promotion meeting

In order to further understand the employment status of our graduates and provide them with more targeted employment assistance, the 2022 Graduate Employment Promotion Conference was held on December 1. The meeting was presided over by Xiangyu Yang, deputy secretary of the general Party branch of the College of science, and attended by department heads, graduating class counselors and graduates to be employed.

Firstly, Secretary Yang conveyed the spirit of the 2022 national network video conference on employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates, analyzed the employment situation in 2022, and pointed out that the current severe employment situation and huge competitive pressure require graduates to improve their personal ability and increase their competitive advantage. Secretary Yang put forward requirements for the students on the national level, livelihood projects and personal sense of mission. He hoped that the students can change their employment concept and make reasonable planning for their careers. Secondly, the heads of departments communicate with each student, ask about the current employment situation, analyze and discuss the problems encountered by students in the process of career direction selection, job search and interview, and give guiding suggestions. Finally, the heads of departments put forward their hopes one after another: Associate professor Li Jina told us that they hope that the students will become people who are responsible for themselves, their families, schools and society; Associate professor Wang Jianjun reminded graduates to seize the time window and strive to implement work problems before the year; Associate professor Zhao Jie encouraged the students to have self-confidence, find the right position, try more and summarize more.

As a link in the employment work of our college, this meeting helps to find out the students' ideas, understand the students' employment intention, count and clarify the situation, point out the direction and provide support for the follow-up employment work, provide continuous high-quality services for graduates, and realize the general goal of educating talents for the party and the country.     (12-03-2021)

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