Liu Kai, vice dean of College of Science, Henan University of Engineering, gave an online report on Mathematical Contest in Modeling for our teachers and students

In order to improve the quality and enthusiasm of students participating in Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Liu Kai, an expert in mathematical modeling competition and vice dean of the College of Science, Henan Institute of Engineering, was invited to give a report on "Promoting the Cultivation of Students' scientific and technological innovation ability by Mathematical Contest in Modeling" on September 4th. The conference was hosted by Jianlin Zhang, vice dean of College of Science, and held on Tencent Conference platform. Nearly 300 teachers of Mathematical Contest in Modeling and participants of our school listened to this wonderful report.

At the meeting, Dean Liu gave a detailed explanation from the aspects of pre-match preparation, communication and post-match application based on his rich experience in guiding Mathematical Contest in Modeling. He talked about how to allocate time, how to write a paper, how to modify a paper and so on in the competition by combining with some excellent papers.

In the interactive section, Dean Liu answered all the questions raised by the teachers and students.

Finally, he emphasized that the participants should not only master mathematical modeling methods, but also gradually enhance their programming and paper writing abilities through continuous learning and practice.  It is necessary to combine the establishment, solution and evaluation of mathematical models, as well as the paper writing. Through participating in mathematical modeling training and competitions, the scientific and technological innovation ability of college students can be cultivated and promoted.

This report deepened the participants' understanding of Mathematical Contest in Modeling, stimulated their enthusiasm to participate in this contest, and created a good competition atmosphere. Through this report, our school's instructors and team members have a clearer understanding of the relevant matters in Mathematical Contest in Modeling, which greatly promotes the work of Mathematical Contest in Modeling this year, and provides an important way to promote the cultivation of students' scientific and technological innovation ability by some related contests in the future.

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