Students in our university achieved excellent results in the Henan trial of the 23rd China robot and artificial intelligence competition

From August 9 to 10, the 23rd China robot and artificial intelligence competition in Henan Province was held in Henan University. 328 teams from 23 colleges and universities attended the competition. Because of the epidemic of Novel coronavirus pneumonia, it was held online. Overcoming kinds of difficulties, teachers and students in College of Science finally successfully participated in the competition and got great achievement, specifically, winning one first prize, one second prize and three third prizes in the driverless smart car race. Moreover, two teams won the recommendation qualification of the national competition and will participate in the national competition on behalf of our province.

China robot and artificial intelligence competition is currently the biggest, most influential and professional robot competition in China. It is playing more and more important role in encouraging young students to participate in robot and artificial intelligence innovation practice, improving the ability of teamwork, stimulating the enthusiasm for new scientific and technological innovation, carrying forward the spirit of innovation, and in the development of China's artificial intelligence Robot industry.  
This event could integrate the knowledge of mathematics, physics, sensor technology, image information processing, artificial intelligence and other disciplines. Through one semester's careful preparation and training, in aid of the patient guidance held by the faculty of College of Science, students have made big progress in their professional knowledge and skills, in the ability of teamwork and solving practical problems. They learned a lot in operating system in the field of unmanned vehicle and also got a lot in many other advanced technologies.

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