College of Science held the second review meeting for application of National Natural Science Foundation of China (the first session)

To improve the quality of project proposal of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in 2022, the second review meeting was held on December 17 in College of Science, chaired by Jianlin Zhang. It was conducted online and offline through tencent conference. Prof. Junhua Hu was invited to give advices and suggestions. Professor Hu is deputy director of the national international joint research center for low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials intelligent design, a specially appointed professor from Henan province and an expert in the assessment of the NSFC. Miss. Zheng Wang in the department of science and technology attended the meeting.

During the meeting, teachers who would apply for NSFC gave talks in order. Professor Hu commented on the project title, abstract, research background, project basis, research content, research scheme, key problems to be solved, references, innovation and characteristics, and pointed out the problems existing in the application materials one by one, which benefited everyone a lot.

The review meeting provided important guidance for the applicants. It was agreed that we should make more efforts to improve the quality of the fund declaration, so as to get better achievement in 2022.

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