Professor Ma Hongbin of Beijing Institute of Technology was a guest at our graduate innovation education lecture

On November 9th, the graduate innovation education lecture of our school was held in conference room 343, College of science, Experimental Building 2. Professor Ma Hongbin, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Automation, Beijing Institute of Technology, delivered an academic report entitled "Visual intelligent technology helps industrial High-quality Development" through Tencent video conference. Graduate tutors, teachers of relevant disciplines and all graduate students listened to the report, which was presided over by Zhang Jianlin, vice dean of the College of Science.

Report on the meeting, professor Ma Hongbin cars and chip industry, for example, combined with the development of the textile industry, around the visual intelligence technology how to promote industry development, data analysis and algorithm from theory to industry, such as specific data from the quality of power, the pain of the mind, vision of the trapped, geek from five aspects, such as trip with professional knowledge and the vivid case. The paper explains the rise of new forces in car making and the profound influence of visual intelligent algorithm on the development of automobile, chip and textile industries.

At the report meeting, Professor Ma also combined with his own experience in guiding graduate students to conduct scientific research, and proposed to find problems in the process of solving practical problems, find solutions to research problems based on literature, and conduct industrial application verification.

This lecture is close to the current situation of science and technology development, directly hit the pain point of current industrial development, make teachers and students fully understand the scientific problems in industrial development, stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers and students in research. At the same time, it also provides a new idea for the innovative training of graduate students in our college.   (11-16-2021)

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