Dr. Pang Zhifeng of Henan University visited our graduate innovation education lecture

On December 3, our graduate innovation education lecture was held in the conference room of 343 College of science, No. 2 experimental building. Dr. Zhifeng Pang, School of mathematics and statistics, Henan University, made an academic report entitled "image segmentation method in knee arthroplasty technology" through Tencent conference. Professor Changming Song, President of College of science, all teachers of the Department of data computing and application and graduate students listened to the report. The report was presided over by Dr. Jianlin Zhang, vice president of the College of science.

Starting from the application of mathematics in precision medicine and taking the mathematical problems involved in knee arthroplasty as the main line, Dr. Zhifeng Pang applied rich professional knowledge and vivid practical cases from the aspects of problem background, mathematical methods involved, specific technical scheme, numerical experiment and final project implementation. The image segmentation method and specific project implementation scheme in knee arthroplasty technology are explained in simple terms. After the report, Dr. Zhifeng Pang had an in-depth interactive exchange with the teachers and students and answered the questions in detail. Finally, Dr. Jianlin Zhang, made a summary speech on the contents of the lecture.

Dr. Pang Zhifeng's report is detailed, substantial and practical, which plays a great role in promoting the research of teachers and students in related fields. (12-05-2021)

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