The College of Science carried out the classic reading activity of "Recite the Century-old Great Achievement in Mandarin"

In the cool autumn wind coming in the 24th national publicity week to promote mandarin, in order to better promote national language policies and regulations and standards, to carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture and the spirit of patriotism, faculty of science party during the period of September 12-16, with "mandarin recite the great in one hundred" as the theme, combined with education history of the party, online classic reading activities have been carried out.

In this activity, the faculty and staff of our college took the Department of Applied Mathematics, The Department of Information Science, the Department of Applied Physics, the Physics Experiment Center, the college office and the student office as units to actively participate in the classic recitation by recording small recitation videos. Classical prose, poetry through the teachers with deep feelings of recitation to express the teachers of the motherland, the love of the language and culture of the motherland.

This online classic reading enriches the staff's spare time and spreads and promotes the excellent Chinese language and culture. By reciting classics in Putonghua, writing standardized characters to carry forward civilization, and propagating Putonghua and standardized characters in various forms, the majority of teachers and students have raised their awareness of consciously standardizing the use of the standard Chinese language, and enhanced their national pride and pride in Chinese language and culture.    (09-24-2021)

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