College of Science carried out the 24th National Putonghua Promotion Activity

In order to create a good campus cultural environment and improve students' Putonghua level, on the occasion of the 24th National Putonghua Promotion Week, College of Science held a recitation contest from September 12 to 18, centering on the theme of "Reciting the great Achievements in Putonghua and writing the New chapter of the Era in normative Chinese writing".

In this activity, each class conducted preliminary competition and selected 20 students to enter the final.  The speech competition is mainly scored from five aspects: speech content, language expression, image and demeanor, comprehensive impression and venue effect. According to the competition works, contestants from all classes have been carefully prepared. Their speeches are full of emotion, distinctive rhythm, creative and fascinating content, which fully demonstrates the good spirit of contemporary college students. After scoring all the finalists, Jinling Li from Physics Class 201, Jiabei Zhang from Physics Class 211, Wenbo Zhao from Physics Class 211 and Yingying Li from Mathematics Class 191 won the first prize of this competition. The competition also awarded 5 second prize and 11 third prize. 

In the 24th National Putonghua Promotion Week, the College of Science held the Putonghua speech contest and the class theme exchange meeting "Let's read together". This activity not only improved the students' speech ability and Putonghua level, but also fully aroused the enthusiasm of students to learn and apply Putonghua.  The activity is coming to an end, but our journey to promote Putonghua has been going on.  I hope teachers and students start from their own, speak Putonghua, use standard words and build a scholarly campus!

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